DHARMA INC brings you the wisdom based technologies of the Non-Dual Dharma
traditions of Central Asia to help you create a life full of health, happiness, contentment and spiritual fruition.
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    In this class, you will learn the Way of Non-Resistance and how to practice it as an  integrated approach in your daily life. You will learn to recognize the tensions ... read more »

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    Through the use of guided imagery and the mirror neurons in the brain, the Ancients developed this exercise to bring to fruition abiding inner peace, self-healing of body, mind and ... read more »

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    In the ancient tradition of Central Asian Yoga and Meditation, a practitioner would be matched to a specific deity that mirrored their inner character. Through constant contemplation upon that deity’s ... read more »

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    Pranayama, a category of yogic practices that expand life force energy (often related to taking conscious control of the breath), is a popular practice found in many yoga studios today. ... read more »

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    Join Dharma Bodhi, Adept Tantrik Yogic Practitioner with a Post Grad in Spinal Biophysics, and Wendy Ingram, PhD in Molecular Cell Biology, as they discuss new scientific evidence concluding what Yogins ... read more »

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    In this talk Dharma Bodhi discusses the process of awakening one’s Kundalini, the primordial energy of universal consciousness that exists within all human beings. Understand Kundalini’s journey from ignorance to ... read more »

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Consultations and Counseling

Body-Mind Consultations

Relationship Counseling

Sauhu Relationship Counseling

The teachings of the Non-Dual Dharma traditions offer insightful guidance into the structure and dynamics of inter-personal relationships. Sauhu relationship counselors are certified in Sauhu Therapy. They offer a refreshing ... read more »

Life Path Consultations

Discover your Life Path (Nadi)

The Non-Dual Dharma traditions teach that every person is born with a potential destiny, or nadi. When you know what your destiny is and are performing activities in alignment with ... read more »

Discover your True Spiritual Path

Which of the worlds paths, practices, types of teachers would best bring out or maximize your spiritual potential in this lifetime? Tantrik astrology is a specialized form of Indian astrology ... read more »


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