DHARMA INC brings you the wisdom based technologies of the Non-Dual Dharma
traditions of Central Asia to help you create a life full of health, happiness, contentment and spiritual fruition.
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    Hanging out in nature has a direct affect on your physical and mental health in a number of ways. Learn some of the essential ways Nature can nourish you and ... read more »

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    In this class, you will learn the Way of Non-Resistance and how to practice it as an  integrated approach in your daily life. You will learn to recognize the tensions ... read more »

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    Through the use of guided imagery and the mirror neurons in the brain, the Ancients developed this exercise to bring to fruition abiding inner peace, self-healing of body, mind and ... read more »

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    In the ancient tradition of Central Asian Yoga and Meditation, a practitioner would be matched to a specific deity that mirrored their inner character. Through constant contemplation upon that deity’s ... read more »

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    Pranayama, a category of yogic practices that expand life force energy (often related to taking conscious control of the breath), is a popular practice found in many yoga studios today. ... read more »

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    Join Dharma Bodhi, Adept Tantrik Yogic Practitioner with a Post Grad in Spinal Biophysics, and Wendy Ingram, PhD in Molecular Cell Biology, as they discuss new scientific evidence concluding what Yogins ... read more »

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Consultations and Counseling

Body-Mind Consultations

Relationship Counseling

Sauhu Relationship Counseling

The teachings of the Non-Dual Dharma traditions offer insightful guidance into the structure and dynamics of inter-personal relationships. Sauhu relationship counselors are certified in Sauhu Therapy. They offer a refreshing ... read more »

Life Path Consultations

Discover your Life Path (Nadi)

The Non-Dual Dharma traditions teach that every person is born with a potential destiny, or nadi. When you know what your destiny is and are performing activities in alignment with ... read more »

Discover your True Spiritual Path

Which of the worlds paths, practices, types of teachers would best bring out or maximize your spiritual potential in this lifetime? Tantrik astrology is a specialized form of Indian astrology ... read more »


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