Dharma Humanitarian Foundation

Thinking globally and acting locally, the Dharma Humanitarian Foundation is an international network of service groups that work to uplift humanity. DHF is a global institution that employs grass-roots principles in its service to local communities.

Our dedicated groups of DHF volunteers focus on the following initiatives:

  • The re-establishment of women in positions of religious, secular, political and cultural leadership.
  • The creation of “up-stream” programs that target populations of children and adolescents that, because of socio-economic and geographical environments, are vulnerable to human trafficking, including sexual slavery.
  • The establishment of a new paradigm of education based on the principles of Dharma.
  • The establishment of The Siddha Educationl Institute at Kailash Akhara, offering free tuition to impoverished children in the region.
  • The preservation of authentic non-dual Dharma traditions of Central Asia.
  • The dissemination of free and/or donation based yoga, meditation and Dharmic philosophy classes online and at our various centers throughout the world.
  • The development of free and/or low cost health clinics serving those in need through Primal Ayurveda and Sauhu Therapy.
  • The creation of sustainable communities around the globe that are built on the foundational tenets of Eco-Dharma.

The Dharma Humanitarian Foundation operates through the financial assistance of our kind and generous donors. We thank you for your support.

Please consider joining us in our continued efforts to serve humanity.

Read more about our service initiatives by clicking the links below or in the navigation bar above under “Initiatives.”

1. Empowering Women

a. Training Female Lineage Holders (Ācāryas)

2. Eco-Dharma

3. Preserving Dharma

        a. Preserving Dharma Through Ācārya Training

        b. Preserving Original Yoga

        c. Free Services at DHARMA INC Centers

        d. Preserving Dharma through Dharma Arts

4. Creating A New Paradigm of Education

        a. The Siddha Educational Institute at Kailash Akhara

        b. Training Dharma Youth Educators

5. Human Trafficking