Adi-Yoga is the original, full-spectrum system of Tantrik Kundalinī Hatha Yoga as developed and transmitted by the Mahāsiddhas of the trans-Himalayan region.

Adi-Yoga Essentials

  1. What is Adi-Yoga?

    Adi-Yoga is the path of realizing your True Nature through the use of the physical body and its gross and subtle energies. Through the practice of Adi-Yoga the body, energy ... Read more »

  2. Get Started in Adi-Yoga

    Getting started in Adi-Yoga is easy and enjoyable.  In just a short time you will be feeling the positive effects of your Adi-Yoga practice. Follow these guidelines to find the ... Read more »

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Yogic Diet, Hamburgers includedPlay Video

Join Dharma Bodhi as he discusses the appropriate diet for the yogic practice of “juicing up” and “drying up.” Learn about the diets of our ancestors and how food cravings ... Read more »

Adi-Yoga means “Source Yoga”, “Original Yoga”, or “Primordial Yoga”. Unlike modern commercialized yoga schools around the world, Adi-Yoga retains its focus on full development of the whole being including body, ... Read more »

Movement and breath have been one of humanity’s natural healing modalities since the beginning of time. Early medicine healers and shamans who were the early Tantrikas uncovered the secrets of ... Read more »