Adi-Yoga is the original, full-spectrum system of Tantrik Kundalinī Hatha Yoga as developed and transmitted by the Mahāsiddhas of the trans-Himalayan region.

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  1. Adi-Yoga is the path of realizing your True Nature through the use of the physical body and its gross and subtle energies. Through the practice of Adi-Yoga the body, energy ... Read more »

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    Getting started in Adi-Yoga is easy and enjoyable.  In just a short time you will be feeling the positive effects of your Adi-Yoga practice. Follow these guidelines to find the ... Read more »

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Pranayama, a category of yogic practices that expand life force energy (often related to taking conscious control of the breath), is a popular practice found in many yoga studios today. ... Read more »

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In this talk Dharma Bodhi discusses the process of awakening one’s Kundalini, the primordial energy of universal consciousness that exists within all human beings. Understand Kundalini’s journey from ignorance to ... Read more »