Ājamā Shinn-Märtens

AJfix1Ājamā is dedicated to the study, practice and preservation of the Dharma for the upliftment of all beings.  Sensing the unified base of all things at an early age motivated her to seek a life of dharma and self-knowledge, inspiring her life’s direction and purpose.

Ājamā  has been a formal student in the Śakta-Śaiva lineage since 2001. She moved from the United States in 2007 to open and develop Kailash Akhara, DHARMA INC’s international headquarters in Thailand. She serves on the International Core Council for DHARMA INC’S worldwide operations.

Ājamā  is a graduate of DHARMA INC’s seven-year Tantrik Yoga Studies Program, holds a bachelors degree in Anthropology with an emphasis in Women’s Studies and Religion, and has a Masters of Science degree in Chinese Medicine and Herbology. Ājamā  is deeply passionate about living an integrated life of dharma.  Her special interests lie in the practice of meditation and the non-dual Sakta-Saiva view, particularly how the teachings seamlessly inform our seated practices and integrated lives. Ājamā is a certified Sauhu Counselor and a Primal Ayurveda Health Advisor. She has gained great experience and insight from her many years of meditation, practice and study in the Śakta-Śaiva Dharma Tradition.

Ājamā  is married to Dharma Bodhi, the director and founder of DHARMA INC. They have two lively children, Rohan and Rhedyn.

Ājamā  currently teaches Adi-Yoga, meditation, Primal Ayurveda, view teachings and philosophy. She works as a Sauhu Therapist and Primal Ayurveda Health Advisor and is continuing her training to be a DHARMA INC lineage holder (Ācārya).  She has been teaching and counseling students since 2005, with an honest and grounded approach that both touches and inspires.

Ajama is currently enrolled in the Acarya Training Program.

DHARMA INC authorizes Ājamā Shinn-Märtens in the following disciplines: