Trisha (Bhakti) Ritchie

As an Adi- Yoga instructor (still in training), Trisha “Bhakti” Ritchie aims to bring this practical and profound science to others with the same integrity that was offered to her. With an emphasis on the gradual and subtle path of Yoga as a holistic lifestyle, she strives to utilize the versatility and practicality of this system to help others in their own lives. Since meeting the Tantracarya of the Adi- Yoga system, Dharma Bodhi, in 2008, she has studied and practiced the interconnected yogic sciences of Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Jyotish and more.

Trisha “Bhakti” Ritchie is a Ph.D candidate at California Institute of Integral Studies. She holds a Masters degree in counseling practice and Eastern Psychology. Her interests range from Psychology and Religion to Permaculture, Healing and Aesthetics.

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