Śakta-Śaiva Dharma

Śakta-Śaiva Dharma is the textual and oral lineage teachings and practices of the Non-Dual Dharma tradition of the Mahāsiddhas of Kashmir and northern India.

Śakta-Śaiva Dharma Essentials

  1. What is Śakta-Śaiva Dharma?

    Śakta-Śaiva Dharma is a Central Asian tradition of spiritual cultivation that stretches back thousands of years into unrecorded history. It is actually a form of classical “Tantra”, some say it ... Read more »

  2. Get Started in Śakta-Śaiva Dharma

    The path of Śakta-Śaiva Dharma is to recognize and continue in the experience of one’s True Nature, characterized by unconditional love, unlimited awareness, non-preferential compassion, and ultimate wisdom. The Śakta-Śaiva Dharma ... Read more »

Śakta-Śaiva Dharma Articles

Śakta-Śaiva Dharma Videos

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Join Dharma Bodhi, Adept Tantrik Yogic Practitioner with a Post Grad in Spinal Biophysics, and Wendy Ingram, PhD in Molecular Cell Biology, as they discuss new scientific evidence concluding what Yogins ... Read more »

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In this talk Dharma Bodhi discusses the process of awakening one’s Kundalini, the primordial energy of universal consciousness that exists within all human beings. Understand Kundalini’s journey from ignorance to ... Read more »

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Explore invaluable themes of self-discovery in this month’s Satsang, a traditional question and answer session between Dharma Bodhi and students of the Worldwide Dharma Community. Students are given the chance ... Read more »