Śakta-Śaiva Dharma

Śakta-Śaiva Dharma is the textual and oral lineage teachings and practices of the Non-Dual Dharma tradition of the Mahāsiddhas of Kashmir and northern India.

Śakta-Śaiva Dharma Essentials

  1. What is Śakta-Śaiva Dharma?

    Śakta-Śaiva Dharma is a Central Asian tradition of spiritual cultivation that stretches back thousands of years into unrecorded history. It is actually a form of classical “Tantra”, some say it ... Read more »

  2. Get Started in Śakta-Śaiva Dharma

    The path of Śakta-Śaiva Dharma is to recognize and continue in the experience of one’s True Nature, characterized by unconditional love, unlimited awareness, non-preferential compassion, and ultimate wisdom. The Śakta-Śaiva Dharma ... Read more »

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Śakta-Śaiva Dharma Videos

By spiritualizing all aspects of normal life, the practitioner of non-dual Sakta-Saiva Dharma is able to uplift the mundane to that of the sublime. This is no more evident than ... Read more »