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Igniting the innate power of women to lead and uplift humanity via the original, radical feminist teachings of Indian Śakta-Tantra and its female masters.

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  1. What is Yogini Wisdom?

    Yoginī Wisdom is for women and men of all ages. It is a resource that helps women learn about and re-connect to their inherent spiritual power and grace – the ... Read more »

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    There are many specific Yoginī Wisdom teachings and practices from the non-dual traditions of India and Tibet that enhance and bring forth the inherent qualities of the sacred feminine in the lives ... Read more »

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By spiritualizing all aspects of normal life, the practitioner of non-dual Sakta-Saiva Dharma is able to uplift the mundane to that of the sublime. This is no more evident than ... Read more »

Desire is the key to transforming current concepts of psycho-emotional pathology and the path of enlightenment itself. Read more »